Artistic movies of Iran

When you dress yourselves you see in a mirror that how you are looking. A mirror makes you see how gorgeous you are looking and what you are lacking. For you mirror is the thing that makes you see how you are looking. So same as for a society movies or films are a kind of mirror that shows us or tells us what is happening in a culture, in a society or around the world. Movies are a way of entertainment also as well as a way for seeing something for what purpose a movie is made. There are so many cinemas around the world that are showing and depicting many subjects whether they relate to drama, fantasy, thriller or any other else. On the whole Movies are a mirror for everything, a watching and live mirror.

iranian music video

As it is said that around the world there are many countries’ cinema and one of them is Iran which is known for its artistic depiction in movies. It is one of the world’s most important artistic cinemas of the world which produces a wide variety of commercial cinema and Iranian music video. Iranian cinema has gained international fame followed by global viewers. The cinema of Iran is compared to Italian neorealism and other cinema movements in the past. Iranian movies have won many accolades in the international film festivals and are continuously showing their presence in these film festivals.

So far the music is concerned of Iran, the Iranian composers are known for their different style of music structure and one of the common themes which is found in their music is melody and lively rhythms. There are many famous composers of Iran as Hossein Alizadeh, Fariborz and others.

irani movie

There are many kinds of different movies made in Iran with different subject themes varying on war themes, revolutionary, Farsi funny movies, dramas and others. There are many young lines of directors coming and emerging in Iran that are experimenting with different genres.  Movies and music are the part of entertainment that show different themes in themselves as well as they also teach something depending on us that what we get taught by them.






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